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Industrial Water Chillers

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IRS is an Australian owned company who supply world class industrial water chillers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our exclusive IPC range of water chillers are designed for applications that require reliability, continuity of operation, high performance and reduced management costs.

This high performance range of Italian made water chillers include the latest technology and are factory-tested to assure the highest quality operation.

The IPC range of industrial water chillers are ideal for the following sectors:
Manufacturing Chillers


Food Processing Chiller

Food Processing & Storage

Brewery & Winery Chillers

Breweries & Wineries

Petrochemical Chillers


Pharmaceutical Chillers


Plastics & Rubber Water Chiller

Plastics & Rubber

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Water Chillers Australia

IRS Process Cooling series are available in air cooled chillers and optional water cooled chillers, that are designed for Australian conditions.

IRS Process Cooling series are air cooled and optional water cooled chillers that are designed for industrial use for Australian conditions. These water chillers are designed for applications that require reliability, fault free operation and high performance and operation.

All the process chiller models are equipped with Plate Heat Exchangers, or shell and tube evaporators. The models are equipped with integrated water circulation pumps suitable to work with water-glycol mixture and storage vessels to assure accurate control of fluid temperature in the presence of highly variable thermal loads from the process.

Our air cooled water chillers are available up too 440kW with the ability to meet the demands for any project. Our water cooled chillers range of up to 2240kW are available upon request.

Industrial water chillers are available with various options, some including the following:

  • Inverter compressor technology
  • Inverter circulation pumps
  • Speed control for condenser fans
  • Electronic TX valves
  • Sound acoustic module
  • Expansion tank module
Air Cooled Water Chillers